Friday, 1 January 2021

How To Be Productive, While Working From Home

Since we all are working virtually and this work from home is a big talk, Like a boon or bane😑

Most of the employees are comfortable working from home and they really understand that remote work really works and many are hoping to work after the pandemic is over but few still struggling with it. 
So no more worries🙅 Let me add on few productive things to be followed during work from home.

1. Invest in a good Wi-Fi connection and network services🖧

Check your network connectivity is working fine or not. This is one of the primary thing to do while you're working from home. Set your workplace at home near to the place where you get a proper signal. 

Remember, a bad connection will impact your work and the trust in your level of reliability. Make sure you always have a backup connection. 

Try to keep your laptops/desktops and mobile phones fully charged, because sometimes, there may be an unplanned shutdown in your area.

2. Set a daily routine and stick to it📝

Set your working hours and decide on what your working hours will be, and stick to them as much as possible. This helps you to manage your activity, balance your work life and also client/team expectations.

Remember, While you structure your routine, add on a break in between and give yourself a commute.

3. Always keep your manager and team in the loop📧

Whether it can be daily/monthly meeting, daily activity mail - keeping everyone in the loop will help you to prevent miscommunications and also they too knows what are the activity you are working on.

For example, when you're not available, team will be engaging, this to avoid overlap. 
If all these are managed strictly, it will increase your productivity and confidence.

4. Make time for team meetings📱

Since, we all are working remotely, there may be multiple meetings/calls. Please make sure that you are available on-time and make sure that you settle in a quite place during meetings/calls - Don't worry, you can still be in your trousers or night suits if it's an audio communications😅

5. Stay organized and protect your equipment 💻

Just because you're working from home doesn't mean that you can be disorganized and keep your equipment cluttered. Always clean your laptop or other equipment once you open for the day and also make sure you keep your appropriate documents/files safe📁.

Please make sure you document everything, it's very much important to take an extra care and document all your activities and achievements. 

So, always Document, Document, Document!!! (You might have heard the same dialogue everywhere)

Believe me... This really helps you a lot. 

6. Stay hydrated and make time for yourself 🍉

Keep a water bottle near you always and have a sip often. Sometimes, we even fail to even drink water at our working hours, Please don't do that - Stay hydrated💧

Dehydration causes tiredness, headache, loss of energy and focus and with plethora of health issues.
If you're bored to drink water every time, have a cup of fresh juices🍹

Make time for yourself doesn't mean watching movie during work hours, it means take a short break, relax. stretch your body, go for a quick walk, you can also take a small nap, you can also go outside and work in the nature - but make sure you use your dongle/wi-fi instead of public wi-fi, to ensure the privacy🔐

Let me conclude👋

We all have different challenges, in this managing a work from home life and to be productive in our home is really a very big challenge, understand your work style and environment.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses, so add the cherry on the cake, if needs to be more delicious (productive).

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