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According to Asian Culture, Rice water is one of the natural and traditional beauty treatment in centuries. It acts as a natural cleansing for washing your face, face mask and works as a toner.

Rice water is ranked one of the best K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) secret 😍 as it contains vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant properties. That makes our skin healthy and improve the skin texture. Consistent Rice water cleansing has also proven to soothe breakouts and deals with multiple skin problems.😮

Rice water is a natural anti-aging product. It is an acne-healer, best for acne-prone skin. Rice water is also known to have a high moisture content, it brightens and gives even toned skin. 

👉Tip: Apply rice water using cotton ball on acne area, soon will notice a change.

This is the reason Rice water is used in all Korean Products.

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  1. When you wash your rice, discard the water from first batch. so, that dirt and impurities will be washed out.
  2. Then, at the second time, place rice and cover with water, keep it for about 10-15 mins and filter it out. 
  3. During this time, vitamins and minerals seep out
  4. Then, cleanse your face with Rice water & now your natural cleanser is ready!

👉Tip: You can also apply Rice water to your face just before bed, leave it on overnight for extra benefits.

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  1. Leave the rice in water for about 10-15 mins, filter it out.
  2. Mix the filtered rice water with flour, keep it for 30 min and then wash it off.
👉Tip: You can mix Rice water with all your face packs, gives you an extra boost-up to your skin as this is packed with nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants.

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